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Demo: Catch Problems in the Field Faster

Darren Schwartzkopf - Introduction Video to Meet the Experts: Catch Problems in the Field Faster from e-Builder on Vimeo.


Field inspectors working for the owner or construction manager are working closely with the contractor in the field to verify work is complete and done correctly per design. In many cases these reports are done by hand on paper and then digitally typed up or scanned in the jobsite trailer to get back to the office. This can take days for critical status to get back to the project manager in the office to take action if anything is wrong, or to be able to move forward on payments while waiting on status information.

Darren Schwartzkopf is going to show how e-Builder’s mobile application streamlines capturing photos and inspection data digitally in the field and instantly sends this information back to the office through the cloud. When something wrong is found, all of the supporting data is there and can be immediately reviewed to analyze any impact to cost or schedule.

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