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Change Orders Ahead: Expect Delays

Change orders by themselves can be a lot to handle, but on federally funded projects they can be even more challenging. Government regulations and guidelines often add complexity to who, when, and how change orders are processed. Arlington County found they needed a system that could help them accurately adhere to these requirements, while providing clarity and transparency to everyone involved in the project. 
The Capital Planning team at Arlington County will present how they leveraged e-Builder to help them:
1. Improve change order processing 
2. Manage and immediately notify key stakeholders involved 
3. Automatically create a full audit trail through each stage of a change order
4. Use reporting and dashboards to track change order process performance 
5. Increase collaboration and transparency across all projects 
Claudia O'Connor, Departmental Applications and Technology Manager, Arlington County
Glenn Page, Capital Projects Manager, Arlington County

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