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Resource Management

For organizations that capitalize their self-managed costs against their projects, most do not have a simple way to assess these costs over time. Additionally, without the ability to assign real staffing to current and future projects, organizations lack visibility into the allocation of staff, often resulting in an over-allocation of resources that surfaces too late in the project planning cycle. This can lead to cost escalation and/or project delays. 

e-Builder’s Resource Management will enable visibility to Resource Allocation across project portfolio while providing more comprehensive cost management tools for Chief Engineer, Director of Facilities or Project Managers.

With Resource Management, you have the ability to:

  • Plan an organization’s self-managed costs over time based on project schedule tasks
  • Efficiently manage the allocation of management resources over their entire portfolio of projects
  • Link schedule resource costs to specific line items in the project Budget
  • Enter the organization’s true management labor burden using either a % of Base Pay Rates of a Multiplication Factor vs Base Pay Rates
  • Enter individual Pay Rate adjustments as soon as they occur or as forecast for future years
  • Capture Planned, Baseline and Actual Hours, per Resource on each assigned task
  • Capture Planned, Baseline and Actual Resource Costs, per Resource on each assigned task
  • Accurately forecast a Project’s true Cost at Completion including Resource costs, throughout the project lifecycle

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