Measuring ROI for Project Management Information Systems
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Six ROI Indicators of Owner-Centric Project Management Information Systems

Monday June 12, 2017      |      By: Alyce Menton

If you are a private or public-sector owner that manages a program of capital construction projects, keep reading! Studies show that 85% of Owners experience costs overruns, 92% report schedule delays, and 63% show quality deficiencies on their projects. These negative performance traits lead owners to invest in a Project Management Information System (PMIS) to increase visibility into all their projects, delivering a transparent view into all aspects of their program portfolio.  

When deciding whether to invest in a PMIS, the most frequently asked questions are “How much does it cost" and “Is the cost really worth it?” Simply stated, the answer is YES. The cost and Return on Investment (ROI) are often tied with the size and complexity of the program. However, there are some clear areas where ROI is evident. 

Top construction program performance can be achieved by working in a collaborative environment leveraging a Project Controls team and an Owner-Centric PMIS. Not only will projects be on time and within budget, they will be within a scope that matches your organizational strategy.

Implementing these systems may cost you money, however the return of multiple millions of dollars in project cost reduction along with decreased organizational risk is worth it. You need to ask yourself: “Is the cost of doing nothing, more than doing something?”

Over the next few weeks check back as we discuss six significant ROI factors that could change the way you run your capital construction programs forever.

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