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The All-in-One Guide to Generating Accurate, Real-Time Construction Reports for Owners

Generating Accurate Reports Pre & During Construction Phases: The quality of your decision-making abilities is only as strong as the data behind it.

Owners Gain Visibility and Control Over Construction Schedules

Increase schedule visibility with a system specifically designed for the management of large scale construction projects, across all phases and activities

The All-in-One Owner’s Guide to Workflow Management Throughout the Construction Lifecycle

Benefits of Streamlining Construction Lifecycle: Pains of before, the benefits of implementation, expectations around efficiency, savings, and productivity

Four Strategies to Gain Control of Construction Approval Workflows

Construction projects are extremely complex, with hundreds of tasks happening at once, all moving together in an intricate interplay of processes and workflows. A well-planned...

15 Helpful Signs to Enhance Your Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Thousands of facility and asset owners shared their struggles about managing CIPs. Learn what to look for to ensure a healthy program year over year.

Three Keys to Successful Construction Cost Management

But the construction industry — more than perhaps any other — is prone to changes and contingencies that can lead to overspending and waste. This...

The Ultimate Construction Software Buyer’s Guide – Part 3

A construction management software lifts organizations to the next level of performance by improving the capture and manipulation of data, and by extending its lifespan.

The New Normal: How Construction Projects are Rebounding from COVID-19

Continuing our series in learning from construction leaders who are adapting throughout the global pandemic, we invited two industry experts to share their insights on...

The Ultimate Construction Software Buyer’s Guide – Part 2

A tool built for the job 1996–present   Automating construction project management As we’ve seen, spreadsheets—bless them—are not the optimal way to manage capital programs....

The Ultimate Construction Software Buyer’s Guide – Part 1

Managing construction programs is challenging enough. Now, remote work and tighter budgets make it even harder. The right tools help. Let’s look at the software...

5 Ways to Reduce Embodied Carbon on Your Next Building Project

  Climate change is the defining issue of our generation and the buildings industry will play a pivotal role in leading the collective global community...

The New Normal: How to Manage Construction Projects and Avoid Interruption

In case you missed week four (4) of our New Normal in Construction webinar series, we wanted to take the time to distill some of...

The New Normal: Incorporating Social Distancing into your Construction Projects

Investment in technology is a must. Which software companies you partner with is up to you. The decision not to invest, however, is no longer...

e-Builder Enterprise Overview: a Solution Designed for Owners

A cloud-based construction project management software, built for reducing risk and improving performance of capital improvement programs across project lifecycles.

Construction and Covid19: Moving Workflows from Paper to Electronic

Typical construction projects have hundreds if not thousands of simultaneous workflows happening in a project. The numerous contributors & layers of approval can sometimes cause...

Stop. Collaborate and listen

Collaboration in Construction at its finest: Project teams giving visibility by reporting on change orders & contingency usage to many different groups

Managing Construction Projects in the New Normal

Construction Owners who were prepared and had invested in cloud-based technology ended up minimally impacted by COVID19. Here are their stories.

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Document Management

For construction programs, collaboration is critical. Today we'll talk about construction document management and why it is key for the survivability of your projects.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 7 “Continuous Improvement”

How to make significant improvements with help from technology

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 6 “Collaborate to Accelerate”

Improving processes, emphasizing and embedding collaborative tools.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 5 “Empathize, Adapt & Overcome”

Best-in-class owners seek first to understand before being understood—a fundamental tenet of active listening.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 4 “Win-Win & Pay Fast”

Gain cost visibility through an owner-driven project management system

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 3 “Automate to Operate”

Simple steps that lead to getting more time back in your day

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 2 “Forecast Completion”

Positive impacts of integrating your cost and schedule in a construction project management software

7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects – Habit 1 “Be Proactive”

“Best in Class” facility owners deeply understand that a great habit is formed when combined knowledge, skills, and desire come together.

Death of the Spreadsheet

Forecasts in spreadsheets? Leveraging technology and keeping a centralized system will keep timely information at your fingertips! Who would miss the mess?

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Change Orders

Change isn’t always bad, but on a construction project, it usually isn’t good. They can wreak havoc on a schedule and raise costs beyond the...

Home-run! Four Bases to Cover Before Buying a Construction Project Management Solution

For construction programs, collaboration is critical. Let's talk about construction document management and why it is key for the survivability of your projects.

Beware the Spreadsheet

Reporting with construction spreadsheets require accurate, timely, and relevant information to deliver projects on time and within budget.