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e-Builder is the only organization delivering a complete construction program management solution that combines cost, schedule, workflow and document management with built-in reporting and 3rd party integration tools.  Unlike other organizations that try linking two or more completely different products, e-Builder Enterprise is a single, complete solution designed at its core from the owner’s point of view.

e-Builder Enterprise matches the way capital construction projects are managed in the real world. In the real world, project costs and schedules are interrelated.  Following a natural progression, e-Builder Enterprise will help you manage your construction projects throughout their entire lifecycle – from planning and design all the way through construction and operations.


Whether your budget is in the billions or just one million, the goal is the same – make informed decisions about which projects to include in your capital plan, when to execute them and how to do so cost effectively.  Unfortunately, even the most seasoned Planning Managers admit the process is cumbersome and full of risks.

Improve decision-making with e-Builder Enterprise…

  • Consolidate the cost, schedule, scope and other assumptions for analysis and future reference
  • Easily define and prioritize potential projects based on strategic, financial or other criteria
  • Align project budgets and milestone schedules to funding sources and cash flow requirements
  • Ensure compliance with capital authorization approval processes

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The project design phase requires lots of document sharing, revisions, reviews, approvals and more sharing.  Without proper tools, project design can be time-consuming and result in costly errors and oversights.

Improve design quality with e-Builder Enterprise...

  • Give your entire project team real-time access to the latest design drawings, documents and BIM data
  • Automatically track and archive all design revisions, mark-ups, notes and approvals
  • Expedite approvals using electronic notifications and automated business processes

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Traditional construction bid preparation, distribution and evaluation is difficult and expensive.  Printing costs are skyrocketing.  Information requests get lost. Organizing the different bidder responses is time-consuming and bid comparisons often challenging.

Save money and time with e-Builder Enterprise…
  • Eliminate printing by giving all your bidders safe, secure online access to the latest bid packages and project documents
  • Provide all bidders online bid invitations and collect all responses electronically
  • Easily compare all bids side-by-side making evaluations and award decisions faster

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Once in the construction phase, your world becomes all about the schedule, costs, change orders, issues and a myriad of other details.  Surprises can be a daily occurrence.

Eliminate cost overruns, mitigate claims and shorten projects with e-Builder Enterprise…

  • Gain visibility into all project costs, eliminate overruns and reduce your contingency funds
  • Streamline your construction administration with consistent business processes, up to date project documentation and real-time reporting
  • Eliminate surprises by electronically managing your policies for change order, budget change, purchase order, contract, change orders, invoices  and other approvals
  • Keep everyone accountable with automated task notifications and tracking from project start through close-out, facility commissioning and occupancy

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Operating and maintaining your buildings without their history is fraught with delays, errors and expensive mistakes. Permits are missed.  Maintenance manuals are misplaced.  Warranties go unchecked.

Reduce operational costs with e-Builder Enterprise…

  • Efficiently operate and maintain your building using historical project information
  • Eliminate contract or permit compliance issues with simple to use, yet sophisticated business process automation
  • Streamline the warranty and maintenance process including requests, follow up steps and reporting

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