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Here what clients say about e-Builder's Implementation

e-Builder clients benefit from a successful implementation track record. Part of this success is based on e-Builder's adherence to a proven implementation methodology modeled after the Project Management Institute's (PMI) recommended 5-phase project implementation approach of:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Closure
This approach enables checks and balances which give you visibility throughout the process, provide metrics and gives you control over the implementation's scope.


The e-Builder implementation methodology includes the degree of flexibility required to meet your organization’s specific needs and time constraints. Our broad range of deployment tools, and our team members’ experience, allows for rapid deployment to minimize your risk while maximizing your return on investment. Our repeatable and measurable implementation process, along with e-Builder’s unique product capabilities results in:

  • Phased implementation approach minimizing adoption risk;
  • Rapid time-to-market resulting in a faster return on investment;
  • The highest degree of quality within the implementation lifecycle;
  • A high adoption rate post implementation resulting in a higher return on investment.

e-Builder recognizes that the sooner you begin utilizing e-Builder to manage your construction program, the sooner you can derive the benefits from your investment. Enabled by the defined implementation methodology and the flexibility of the e-Builder product, the e-Builder Professional Services team is able to efficiently and accurately define, document and configure your business requirements into e-Builder.

The configuration process is conducted with a thorough understanding of your business needs with constant visibility into the process to track progress as required. Configuration services consist of the design and creation of cost schedule and document templates, as well as process workflows. We also configure security access, reports, dashboards and email notifications to meet the needs of each type of user in the system. Additionally, as part of the initial training, your team will learn how to make configuration changes or additions to your e-Builder account to facilitate future needs and growth.