Business Process Management

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Construction Process Workflow

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Be in control of your processes with e-Builder’s Process Module.

Sophisticated Workflow Engine
With e-Builder, you have the option to use rigid processes that make it easier to enforce your policies and procedures, or use flexible processes that let you test and refine new processes that can later be structured.

Ease of Use
Your project administrators will appreciate the ease with which they can create and configure workflow processes using the graphic workflow designer tool. You can easily map your own procedures or use e-Builder’s best practices as a starting point.

Processes can be standardized across your entire program or on an individual, project by project basis.

Forms Management
Electronic forms enable you to capture and route information based on business rules you define. For instance, route an item to an individual or a group and set rules that permit only a specific action to be taken, which can then initiate other workflows and include document attachments, other forms, schedules, cost approvals and more.