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Construction Contingency Management Best Practices: Part 1

In this podcast (part 1 of the series), Mr. Joel King shares some insights on his philosophy on contingency management best practices, including a discussion on how project delivery methods and state requirements impact their use of contingency. In addition. Mr. King discusses proper use of contingency as part of their risk management strategy (protect against unknown risks), and amounts that should be allocated to different types (new construction vs. renovation).


About Joel King

Joel King is the Senior Director for Campus Project Management at UC San Diego’s Office of Facilities Design and Construction. Owner’s representation has been a focus of his 30 year architectural career. He has administered design and construction programs on behalf of large institutions and currently, under the direction the Campus Architect, is responsible for delivery of the campus (non-OSHPD) Capital Program at UC San Diego. Prior to joining UC San Diego in 2008 as a Principal Architect, Joel had his own architectural firm for 14 years in San Diego. Prior to this he worked for two San Diego architectural firms for 14 years. Joel earned his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University, is a licensed California architect, member of San Diego AIA Chapter, and LEED accredited professional.

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