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Our Customers

e-Builder provides construction program management software with an
owner-centric focus to top companies in North America

Banner Health


Learn how an efficient cost forecasting process, supported by e-Builder’s software, helped Banner maximize existing capital expenditures, resulting in a process that helped Banner Health's PDC team find and redeploy $70 million on one year.

“The biggest benefit we’ve had is our ability to very accurately manage our project accounting.”

Kip Edwards VP of Design & Construction

City of Arlington


Learn how the City of Arlington is utilizing e-Builder across all three major departments (Public Works & Transportation, Water Utilities and Parks and Recreation) to manage projects and capital expenditures.

"One of the features that e-Builder provides us is not only can we report on the average turnaround time for this whole process, but we can look at it on a step-by-step basis."

Leah Mooney Chief of Capital Construction Financials


Higher Education

Ken Hargreaves, Senior Director for Caltech’s Facilities Design and Construction Team, shares his unique insight into delivering world class research facilities while overcoming inflexible schedules. Ken is consistently delivering more projects on time in the face of aggressive deadlines. You can compare Caltech’s strategies to your own and learn how to enable process efficiencies that will improve your projects’ on-time delivery rate and create happy stakeholders with this case study. 

"Implementing a program management system helped get the Design & Construction team and the faculty on the same page by having more transparent and effective communications, a key ingredient that was previously missing."

Ken Hargreaves Sr. Director of Design & Construction

West Linn-Wilsonville School District


Learn how West Linn-Wilsonville School District deployed e-Builder Enterprise to manage a $98 million bond program, providing real-time information to stakeholders.

"e-Builder brought everyone to a different level. It allows us to not only use younger staff. It has enhanced collaboration, and expanded our world beyond ourselves."

Tim Woodley Director Of Operations

Cumberland Farms


Susan Medeiros, Manager of Capital Projects, Budgeting, Compliance and Administration, discusses how Cumberland Farms brought e-Builder on board to manage the major ongoing capital improvement program, in addition to new builds. The organization moved off of spreadsheets and paper to a SaaS solution.

“A huge benefit of e-Builder is transparency, not only with cost but also with processes, and getting approvals to go through quickly.”

Susan Medeiros Manager of Capital Projects, Budgeting, Compliance and Administration

Best of the Best

All of our customers are in the construction industry and over 80% are facility owners, or function in a role similar to the owner. This allows us to solely focus all of research and development efforts on clients' unique needs and challenges, providing the lowest risk and fastest deployment option of any system on the market.
See why industry owners and program management teams trust e-Builder above the rest.

Software Buying Guide

Whether you've just started researching construction management software or you're ready to make a selection, follow these simple steps for buying success.

Construction Management by the Numbers

Is it really possible to save up to 4% of your construction program costs without ever affecting the scope or schedule of a project? Read real examples in this white paper.

Metrics Matter: An Executive’s Guide to KPI Success

This white paper will give you insights into the right KPI’s to track and how to track them.

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